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The Nicholas Branston Foundation exists to promote the life changing benefits of music education, especially for the young but ultimately for everyone.

We believe that learning to play music with others is one of the keys to a better world. A world of co-operation, tolerance and understanding of others. Music is a language of communication that crosses the barriers of countries and cultures.

Learning the skills to perform and create music has huge benefits for individuals and for society as a whole. Although a small and young organisation our foundation aims to further music education in the following ways:

Our scholarship award scheme

Music therapy helps thousands of people of all ages each year, often at highly traumatic moments in their lives. It has been proved that music therapy transforms the lives of many with autism, dementia, brain injuries, strokes, cancer and all terminal illnesses.

To train as a Music Therapist is a life changing moment and the types of people who make such a decision are generous of character, kind and giving individuals who know they will never have much money. The course is demanding and can only be studied as a Master’s degree.

In addition, the Government no longer supports post graduate degrees and thus the students have to find fees, living expenses, travel to their internships and therapy for themselves so that they will be able to cope with the patients they will encounter.

NB offers an award to help to pay for the fees for an exceptional candidate. Currently the charity supports two students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and have given minor awards to three other students.
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Our annual summer school weeks

In Oakham (Rutland) we hold five day courses in musical stage performance. These cover the skills of Musical Theatre and Instrumental Musicianship.

The purpose of the week is at the building of confidence and enthusiasm through the performing arts.

Learn more about this years events at the NB Music web site
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School performances & workshops

We have supported a number of schools by providing them with specially written musical plays for children to perform. We have sponsored professional music and choreography coaches to come in to the schools to work with the children prior to performances for parents.

Learn more about recent schools involvement by
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Our Supporters

The Wedding Choir

We are very grateful for the continuing support of a group of singers who make their services available to wedding couples in the Charnwood, Leicestershire area. They will sing songs of your choice at your wedding for a modest fee, all of which they then donate to our foundation. Their support over recent years has enabled us to continue our help for music students and youngsters.

The Wedding Choir are an offshoot of the Ratcliffe Chorale (Leicestershire). If you would like them to perform at a wedding for you please
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