Schools Workshops
Several one day workshops have been held in Uppingham, Oakham and Cambridge by our wonderful teachers, offering youngsters the opportunity to have a taste of a week long course.

There have also been a number of works that have been specifically written for local schools. Most recently “St Nic, the Humble” written for Holywell Primary School in Cambridgeshire in response to a brief that the school was looking at humility as part of their Christian values in that particular half term.

A few of the comments that came back from the children included : . . . . .

“I think that St Nicholas the Humble was definitely the best play Iʼve ever taken part in. The parts were brilliant, especially the bandit and the butcher.”

“I had fun singing all the lively songs. They were amazing.”

“I enjoyed being a bandit because it scared the audience.”

“Amazing, cool, wow, fun. I loved the songs. My favourite play ever. Thank you.”

“My favourite scene was the Butcher because it was really funny.”

“I was honoured to be part of it.”